Necrology (Album 2009)
Grade: 7.5 / 10

Review by Mitch for (July 31st, 2009)
Original review (in French)
Translated by: Google Translate

Each month the new wave of Swedish death is more and more damage. After Tribulation, Sanctification Bonegnawer from the same label and the rollers Vomitory, Demonical and "Death Breath-like" Tormented, Scandinavians My Own Grave will further brighten your summer. Without any members being known from other bands, My Own Grave (formed in 2001 with an album and an EP on the meter), unveiled their death / thrash melodic signature in 2007 on Unholy (Pulverised Records). For their second album Necrology, Swedish Dan Swanö handled mixing / mastering and Jon Zig (Deeds Of Flesh, Disgorge, Suffocation ...) did the artwork. Recruitment under the sign this time of the big death metal that stain the bottom of the pants!

The sublime melody of the title eponymous begins during the martial introduction "Awaiting Death", which announces the arrival of the Panzer Tiger II that is Necrology. Here it is; the assault is launched in the first few seconds of "Necrology". Waves of blasts and intense riffs peeping between death and black! The powerful and serious vocals are similar to that of Jorgen Sandström, not surprising given the identical unsheathes of the howler: Big "Hell's Angels mustache" and a Torture Division t-shirt on the promotional photos. Talk about master Sandström, impossible not to compare with his band Vicious Art. Why? My Own Grave is not confined to swinging riffs of "Double Whopper" and double in hormones. The Swedes refine their compositions, using all kinds of breaks, and add nice solos in the key in a very varied tempo (recalling even the mid-tempo of a Hail Of Bullets).

The comparison does not stop there, like the ex-Dark Funeral members of Vicious Art, My Own Grave add a most delectable black metal flavor. A few months after the release of the new Unanimated which combines the black scene with Swedish melodic death, this phenomena can most keenly be heard again on the heady leads to "Cerecloth", "Age Of Torment" or "Incineration". It is an important asset! The guitarists use their influences in the best way possible (despite a few half-hearted returns to their thrash/melo-death roots), and even though I would've liked them to develop their more complicate compositions more, such complications would've spoiled the listening pleasure. Fortunately the slower parts have good transitions that will eject you by mere acceleration, or with Dantesque demonic tremolo riffs from the depths of the abyss.

Real heavy artillery to take off the wallpaper but in a more subtle style than Demonical or Vomitory, Necrology should charm both fans of fast, brutal death metal and those who prefer mid-tempo death metal. In this colorful death metal subscene, where I however prefer Vicious Art, My Own Grave (with some more work left to make the compositions more homogeneous and catchy) are a force to be reckoned with. "None Shall See!