Necrology (Album 2009)
Grade: 4 / 5

Review by David Noaksson for Dagbladet (July 20th, 2009)
Original review (in Swedish)
Translated by: My Own Grave

Necrology is a long-finger salute to everything and everyone. It's a manifest written in blood. When Sundsvall's My Own Grave release their new album, it is with riffs heated in the fires of hell, melodies from beyond the grave, and songs that reek of death's breath. Yes; it's death metal, not a confirmation camp.

Even though the debut album Unleash was impressive, Necrology is several steps better. This time you're not just run over, you're obliterated. The title track is a perfect example of this, where My Own Grave cast bloodthirsty beast-riffs unto the listener, all while catchy melodies bring peace and order in the turmoil. If the record had maintained that quality from beginning to end, the 5 out of 5 had been granted. Instead it's "just a fantastic" record: 35 minutes of unspoiled satisfaction.